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Blow Me One Last Kiss

I, honestly, really hate writing about dating and guys and all of that nonsense. I feel whiny. It’s funny that people say “when you stop looking, it finds you.” That hasn’t been my experience. When I stop looking, something hits me like a runaway train and then leaves me messed up and confused. So basically

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In 2018, I’m Done Chasing Love

Hello, my name is Josh and it’s been 241 days since the last time I was on Tinder. I’m very happy to report that I’m not sitting down to write this because I had yet another relapse into the land of swiping. Quite the contrary. Well that’s a lie. I was asked to give the

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Bad Luck & Hard Love

Last night I gave my Instagram followers a chance to vote on which chapter from my upcoming book I should post. It was between what you see here and “Everybody Poops.” After 9 hours of voting it was a VERY tight race but this chapter, “Back Luck & Hard Love” won with 51% of the

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