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You’re Doing It Wrong: Hands

How about a sneak preview?! In real time, I’m on the final full day of my cruise. Hopefully I’m on the pool deck with a drink in my hand and not a care in the world. Reality, it’s 4:26am on the Tuesday prior and I’m sitting here deciding to set up a auto-publish post. It’s

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Sending My Baby Out Into the World One Piece at a Time

Whelp, I did it. Monday I posted a sample chapter from my upcoming book “You’re Doing It Wrong” and the response has been pretty damn awesome. If you’re behind the times you check out “Bad Luck & Hard Love” here. This chapter in particular comes a bit later in the book and introduces the stories

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Bad Luck & Hard Love

Last night I gave my Instagram followers a chance to vote on which chapter from my upcoming book I should post. It was between what you see here and “Everybody Poops.” After 9 hours of voting it was a VERY tight race but this chapter, “Back Luck & Hard Love” won with 51% of the

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