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It’s Official, I’m A Living Meme

At any given point in time, I am a walking anxiety potato and this week seems to be no exception. After bouncing back from a really bad depressive episode a few weeks ago, I went back into life in full force with a newfound vigor and stupidity. I published a book, got back on track

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The Art of Giving Back to Disney

There is something absolutely amazing about Disney Cast Members. Over the past three years that I have lived in Florida, some of my most favorite people have been the Cast Members that I get to see on a regular basis during my visits to the parks. They have become a part of my family and

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Six Months Later: We Are Still Orlando

June 12, 2016 is a day I, and so many others, will never forget. I woke up to my phone buzzing non-stop. There had been a mass shooting at a nightclub not far from my home in Orlando. A nightclub frequented by many of my friends. June 12, 2016: The First 24 Hours The morning

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