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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

It has been quite the week. I have recently discovered that I have simply become a vampire. Not one of those shiny, emo ones. No. One of those “what does the sun even look like” ones. My sleep cycle has complete reset itself to being up until the sun rises and then sleeping through most

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Today’s Lack of Productivity is Brought to You By My Insomnia

It’s is 6:00pm on Tuesday evening. I’ve been awake for three hours. Why? I wasn’t able to fall asleep until around 7:00am. Well hello there insomnia, it’s been a while. Yep. My insomnia is back and it’s doing its best to make my life miserable. Granted, if we’re being real, I haven’t had a good

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Panic at the WHAT?!

Ok. So I’m a night owl. Hardcore. To the extreme. Case in point, it’s 3:07am. I have also been on a crazy Panic at the Disco kick lately. Brendon Urie is a wonderful vocalist and their songs are great for workouts and listening to while working/driving/everything. Anyway, I’m painfully in love with the song This

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