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Chapter Two: Don’t Scream

I’ve been a fan of horror movies for as long as I can remember. Growing up, the genre was a go-to when we were at the video store (I might be old). My sister and I were obsessed with the likes of Alien, IT, Poltergeist and so many horror classics. It only made sense that the

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Somebody Once Told Me the World Was Gonna Roll Me

The theme of this past week seems to be “hurry the hell up and wait” which has been the most irritating thing in the entire world. First, let’s talk about that countdown that was going on over at the Halloween Horror Nights web site. A few weeks ago, the HHN web site announced its soul

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What Are We Going To Do About Danny?

With just 74 agony-filled days sitting between me and the opening of Halloween Horror Nights. Seriously. This is torture. To make things worse- it feels like announcements about the event are moving at a snail’s pace. Granted- I have never paid this much attention before. Last year, I was blindly aware of stuff going on

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