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There’s An Angry Bear Eating My Arm

So, I don’t know how everyone else’s Monday is going but I’m having a rather unpleasant day. I’m researching for an upcoming post and started my morning at the CVS Minute Clinic near me. While I was there, I used the opportunity to get some routine stuff taken care of since I’m currently on the

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Bring Me Crackers and Call Me Pretty

I’ve been under the weather this week this is painfully annoying because I feel like I just got over being sick not that long ago. Granted, I’m terrible at taking care of myself so there’s a good chance I never got better. I’m quite terrible at being sick because I tend to keep going until

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All I Want For Christmas Is the Flu… Apparently

Did Christmas happen? I wouldn’t know. I slept through it. I had the absolute pleasure of hosting the flu virus this holiday season which managed to knock me on my ass from Friday until today-ish. I have done a lot of sleeping but I also needed to work so it made recovery very difficult. My

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