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Transformation Tuesday: My Neighbors Want Me to be Fat… Apparently…

As I’ve mentioned a few times since the beginning of the year, I am using the 2018 year to focus on and improve a few different areas of my life. I gave myself January off because a meme told me to. Specifically this one: Yes- memes run my life. I am a sheep. I’ve decided

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Starting to Feel a Bit Dopey

One week from today I’ll have completed the first of four races in the Dopey Challenge. I’ll be on my way to dinner with Erica to fuel up for the 10k after a long day in Magic Kingdom. Erica asked me the other day how I was feeling as we get closer to Dopey. I

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I’m Not New, I’m Improved

We’re just about ten weeks into 2015. We’re well past the celebrations with families and ringing in the New Year. We’re ten weeks away from the time when people start pledging to make changes. The biggest and most often repeated resolution of the new year is one to get into better shape. Gym memberships soar

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