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I’m Not Dead, Just Floating

First and foremost. If you were not aware, they released Newsies: The Broadway Musical on Digital Video and there’s a fairly decent chance that I have watched it at least ten times since Tuesday. I got to see it twice in theatres during the limited run and I’m really hoping I can see it live

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Why is it Only Wednesday?

This week has low-key been the worst. As I wrote that, I realized that it’s only Wednesday. Now I want to crawl into a hole and die. The general consensus among my friends has been the full moon which I think arrives tonight. Mercury is out of retrograde so I can’t blame that. I don’t,

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Depression is a Bitch and My Brain Wants Me Dead

The posting was a simple one but in reality it said a lot, “Depression is an evil nasty little bitch and I absolutely refuse to let it win. If I’m being honest, it’s got a pretty good lead on me right now.” It was Friday afternoon and I was sitting in the parking lot at

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