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My 48-Hour Tinder Relapse

Just like Eminem couldn’t keep himself away from the rap game, I could resist the sweep temptation of swiping myself into a vodka-soaked depression. Okay. That was a tad dramatic but it makes for a good read! I absolutely loath the whole concept of online dating. Yes, I have given it all a try. And

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It’s Official, I’m A Living Meme

At any given point in time, I am a walking anxiety potato and this week seems to be no exception. After bouncing back from a really bad depressive episode a few weeks ago, I went back into life in full force with a newfound vigor and stupidity. I published a book, got back on track

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Life: Unplugged (For the Week)

I guess it’s a staycation? I don’t know how these things work. The long of the short of it is this: I’m stepping away from life for the next week. I have taken the week off from all jobs and responsibilities. No serving, no touring, no blogging: nothing. This is either going to be the

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