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Halloween Horror Nights 2018: You Know Nothing Jon Snow

Well, it was one year ago today that we got the announcement that American Horror Story would be returning to Halloween Horror Nights. Naturally, this morning the social media world was buzzing wondering if we would be getting any announcements today and Universal did not disappoint. We got dates! It has officially be confirmed that

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I Guess We’re Talking About Halloween Horror Nights

It’s hard to believe that we’re just about six months away from the beginning of Halloween Horror Nights 28. As of right now I still don’t have my Universal Pass having let it lapse out back in December. I was hoping to rectify this during Mardi Gras when they are running their 15-month promotion but

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My Dear John Letter to 2016

Hello and welcome to my final post of 2016. You know. That year that tore us all apart. Yeah. It’s finally over. 2016 was a year of worn out hearts and trembling hands. This was a year of heartbreak, loss and moments that truly felt like the end of the world. My current working theory

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